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A Unique Solution for All Waterproofing Needs

AL MAYAS INSULATION is a DCL (Dubai central Laboratories) certified building insulation company, having a strong presence across the UAE. With around 15 years of repute, an ever-growing satisfied clientele and execution of major projects, we are undisputedly one among the market leaders in the industry. Right since its inception in 2001, Al Mayas has always been the pioneers in using state of the art technology and in bringing about innovation in products & solutions.


"The company is committed to providing a quality service to its clients which accurately interperts their requirement and satisfies their expectations in an innovative, economic and efficient manner"


We, AI Mayas Insulation hereby extend our guarantee for a period of 25 years. Our guarantee irrevocably stands against any manufacturing defect for wrong application and the company undertake to repair free of cost any such defect occurring within the guarantee period subject to the following conditions

Specifically excluded from this guarantee is any damage to the said roof caused by foundation settlement, fire, liglitning, storms or othenunusual phenomena of the elements . If the damage is by reason of any of the above mentioned, this guarantee shall become null and void for the balance of the guarantee period.

No activity that has potential to cause damage to the waterproofing system, such as the erection of railings, sign braces, equipment requiring fastening, drains, pipes etc. shall be carried out on the roof until and unless AI Mayas Insulation t. is first notified and given the opportunity to make the necessary recommendations with respect to such activities. Failure to do so shall render this guarantee null and void

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