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Al Mayas metal roof waterproofing system is an envelope system for your Factory and Warehouse etc…

Sprayed polyurethane insulation works to corrugated roof or steel deck.

It is formed in site with mobile spraying plants. Sprayed polyurethane system provides a highly effective heat insulation and seamless sealing. It is very effective weight and has high compressive strength. Sprayed polyurethane should not be exposed to direct sunlight and hence need to be covered. Also it has up to 98% closed cell structure and has high water absorption. Hence it has to be coated with a U.V. resistant waterproof coating.

When coated with a waterproof coating, the system provides excellent thermal and moisture protection. Sprayed polyurethane comes in various densities ranging from 30-60kg/m3 and shall be applied at thickness ranging from 30mm to 60mm for exposed metal decks, an average of 42 kg./m3 density applied at 30mm average thick will be ideal.


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